500ml Beers Bidon


They're finally back! Wish you were beer! These water bottles have been a favourite with the Pro Teams for many years thanks to their easy to squeeze material. The Beers Bidon has an ergonomic and timeless design and is now back, available in black with white graphics.

The graphics have a Skeleton hand holding a classic Belgian tulip glass, as we all know the greatest beer in the world is Belgian and life's to short to drink crap beer! Wish you were beer, maybe it is, fill the Beers Bidion with whatever you wish!

Staying true to The Velominati rule #52: The Beers Bidon are 500ml, as no extra large vessels are to be seen on one’s machine.

It features a screw-on cap
Leak proof spout (twist the small mouth piece to lock it down, no leaking bottles in your kit bag!)
Easy to fill and clean
Ecological, biodegradable.
Made in the Netherlands.